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Combe International Limited
Privacy Statement

Combe International Limited (“Combe”), the operator of this website, is dedicated to the protection of privacy on the Internet. Combe only solicits personal information from its visitors on a voluntary basis. Such information may include name, address, telephone number, and product preferences. We do not require this information to obtain access to any part of our website. Moreover, the personal information which we receive is used by Combe solely to enable us to answer questions and process requests which are received electronically. We do not sell or rent or transmit personal information to other organisations. We do not use the personal information to create mailing lists.

If you have communicated with us electronically, and wish to have your personal information removed from our records, please e-mail us at office@combe.com or write to us at:

Combe International Limited
Cedar Court, Guildford Rd
Surrey KT22 9RX

Please give us your full name and telephone number in case we have questions.

Our web server collects the domain names (but not the e-mail addresses) of visitors to our website. The information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent on our site, pages reviewed, and so forth. Combe utilises this type of information to measure the use of our website and periodically to improve its content.

Combe has taken measures to keep all information from our online visitors as secure as possible against any unauthorised access or use. All information is protected by standard security measures which are periodically reviewed.

As evidenced by this website Privacy Statement, we believe that the interactive media can coexist with the fundamentals of privacy, and we will continue our efforts to assure that that coexistence is harmonious.

Finally, we have a special message for parents. We care about personal privacy and our concerns are heightened when children are involved. We are especially mindful of the need for children to consult with their parents before furnishing personal information online. As a result of our concerns, we might from time to time post special notices within our website to clearly label certain activities as inappropriate for children. However, we need your help. We urge you to monitor and supervise the Internet activities of your children.

Thank you for your visit. We hope you enjoy your stay!